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Food - it's what it's all about for us. Real Mexican barbacoa was smothered in herbs, spices and chillis then cooked in a fire pit, covered in leaves and left to smoke and steam until it was meltingly tender - a completely different beast to a U.S. or U.K bbq! We love our smoker - it gives a depth of flavour to our house salsa as well as the pork and beef dishes... Give us some time and we'll get something smoky for our vegetarian customers. Talking of which, our chocolate is made with soya lectin, so great for vegetarians. We are My Burrito - Hot chocolate and churrosalso a supporter of Vegfest (opens in new window) - serving Vegan churros and chocolate alongside our burritos. Watch out for our butternut squash and vegan chorizo burrito!

Meat & Chicken:

Beef: Our beef comes from farms to the west of Bristol, travelling not more than 10 miles to get to our kitchen. We then smoke it before braising it with Mexican herbs and spices until it is meltingly tender, full of smokey aromatic flavour. - Our favourite!

Pork: We like happy pigs; our butcher uses pigs raised on their own farm and we treat them with the respect they deserve. After smoking the meat for an hour or so, we braise it with citrus juice, oregano and other Mexican spices to make our carnitas

Chicken: Our free range or farm assured chicken is marinaded overnight before cooking on our char-grill. Succulent, tasty and with a great char-grilled taste, this is our most popular dish.

Vegetables: Onions, peppers and courgettes are our vegetable base are char-grilled before we mix them with softened onions and garlic, fresh coriander and a dash of freshly squeezed lemon juice finishes this dish off. Eat as part of a vegetarian meal or use instead of rice to turn a burrito into a fajita. (V)


Pinto beans are cooked with diced bacon, onions, garlic herbs and spices. These creamy beans are delicious on their own and a great background flavour to our food.

Silky black beans, garlic, onion and a hint of chilli. Cooked so they retain a little bite sit at the heart of our vegetarian food. (V)


Pico de gallo. As simple a salsa as you can have; finely diced tomato and onion with lime juice, a touch of fresh green chilli and coriander.

Smoked tomato our medium salsa – our own smoked tomatoes combined with red wine, honey and chilli. Not over powering, smoky, spicy and the bosses favourite!

Smoked chilli smoked Mexican chillies and not much else in this hot salsa. We serve this is small portions with more on the side if you like it hot. A lovely flavour underpins the heat in this salsa – but heat there is!

Yellow devil - coming soon!


Spanish children grow up eating them for breakfast while clubbers fill themselves up on their way home - either way, these made-to-order hot doughnuts are served with Valor hot chocolate - the premier Spanish hot chocolate served all over Spain.